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Just like you, we’re constantly creating. From the Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving to our perfect-for-beginners Ball® Brand Fresh Preserving Kit, our goal is to make the creation process easier and better for you.

  • Ball Blue Book® Guide

    Ball Blue Book® Guide

    The Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving is the ultimate guide to fresh preserving. Each edition is filled with fresh solutions for today's busy lifestyles to help everyone enjoy good food at the peak of flavor. The Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving is packed with over 500 tried and true recipes and guides you to the right tools and ingredients that make it easy to capture freshness.
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  • Ball® Collapsible Funnel

    Ball® Collapsible Funnel

    Accommodates all jar sizes and fits in your drawer! The Ball® Brand Collapsible funnel combines rigidity and strength in the frame and handles, with a soft collapsible mouth for perfect jar fit and convenience. Design features include notch-rungs to securely fit both regular and wide mouth jars, making it nearly spill-proof to fill canning jars. Dual easy-grip handles improve handling comfort and security during use. Collapsible design for convenient storage; fits in most kitchen drawers.
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  • Ball® Canning Funnel

    Ball® Canning Funnel


    • New translucent design improves viewing of headspace for quick and accurate filling
    • Versatile to fit both wide mouth and regular mouth canning jars
    • Heat-resistant and dishwasher safe
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  • Ball® Dissolvable Labels

    Ball® Dissolvable Labels

    Remove labels with ease! Ball® Brand Dissolvable Labels are made to adhere securely on jars during storage & use, and then dissolve easily in water during clean-up. Labels strongly adhere to jars, are easy to write on, and dissolve by hand washing or dishwasher when you are ready to reuse the jar. The box also can be used as a dispenser.
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  • Ball® Fresh Preserving Kit

    Ball® Fresh Preserving Kit


    • 21-quart waterbath canner includes essential tools for canning fruits, salsas, pickles, jams and jellies and more
    • Newly designed chrome plated rack resists corrosion and prevents small jars from falling through rungs for safe use year after year
    • 4-piece utensil set with jar lifter, lid lifter, funnel and bubble remover & headspace tool that help to fill jars quickly and safely
    • New design features stylish blue porcelain color, vertical sidewall, and commemorative logo fired into the enamel
    • Enamel coated steel base is non-porous for easy cleaning and will not react with foods
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  • Ball® Canning Rack

    Ball® Canning Rack


    • Strong, durable rack with chrome plating resists corrosion for years of safe use
    • New design with extra rungs prevents small jars from falling through and safely holds up to 7 quart jars for large batch processing
    • Contoured handles rest securely on the rim of a canning pot for easy loading and unloading
    • Folds neatly for convenient storage
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  • Ball® One Gallon Decorative Jar

    Ball® One Gallon Decorative Jar


    • Easy push-down storage lid allows you to store items effortlessly
    • One gallon size is perfect for dry storage, crafting and decoration – not for home canning use
    • Appearance replicates the charm of yester-year and it brings classic Americana style to your home
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  • Ball® Secure-Grip Hot Jar Handler

    Ball® Secure-Grip Hot Jar Handler

    Protect hands and handle hot, wet & slippery jars with more confidence! The new Ball® Secure-Grip Hot Jar Handler is ergonomically designed with wide-open pockets and gripping silicone treads to fit both jars and hands with comfort and ease. Featuring a stand-up style, it’s a better alternative than towel and pot holder moving-and-filling methods.
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  • Ball® Canning Beginner's Kit

    Ball® Canning Beginner's Kit

    The Ball® Canning Beginner's™ Kit provides an easy and affordable way to start canning in just three simple steps. This kit is designed to demystify the home canning process and make fresh preserving accessible, for even the most novice canner. Whether a person has limited kitchen space or looks to preserve a handful of fresh produce from the farmer’s market, the kit offers a beginner’s approach to small-batch canning.
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  • Ball® Brand Secure-Grip Jar Lifter

    The Ball® Brand Secure-Grip Jar Lifter is designed for lifting jars with confidence and with minimal effort. Handles are ergonomically designed for comfort. The spring hinge improves strength and pops open automatically. Molded grip increases contact surface versus other jar lifters.
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  • Ball® Sure Tight™ Band Tool

    Secure jar bands with confidence! The Sure Tight™ Band Tool secures jar bands with just the right amount of torque. Getting a good seal starts with securing the band to the correct force. This tool takes the guess work out of securing the band to “fingertip tight”.
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  • Ball® Utensil Set

    The Ball® Brand Utensil Setincludes a jar lifter, a lid lifter, a funnel, a bubble remover, and a headspace tool to put a modern spin on the classic practice of fresh preserving.
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