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Over one hundred years ago, the Ball Brothers began designing a series of revolutionary jars. In 1913, they released the first “Perfect Mason.” The very next year, they released “Perfection.” Then in 1915, the brothers released “Improved.” They were masters of their craft, and each jar was better than the last. In 2013, the one hundredth anniversary of the “Perfect Mason,” we honored the Ball brothers in beginning the Heritage Collection: our interpretation of their awesome jars.
  • Purple Mason Jars


    Introducing the final edition of the Ball® Heritage Collection. These limited edition Purple Heritage Collection jars are designed to pay tribute to 1915’s “Improved” jars, and mark the conclusion of the Heritage Collection: our 100th anniversary celebration of a series of jars designed by the Ball Brothers between 1913 and 1915. The Heritage Collection started in 2013 with our Blue “Perfect Mason” jar, and was succeeded by 2014’s Green “Perfection” jar. Now, we come to a colorful conclusion with this purple mason jar. These jars maintain all modern Ball jar standards for quality and reliability. Perfect for all of your creations... or as a collectible item!
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  • Green Mason Jars

    Ball® Spring Green Mason Jars

    New for 2014, these limited-edition Heritage Collection green mason jars celebrate the 100th anniversary of the "Perfection" jar. These vintage mason jars are made in the USA and are available in two sizes in a period-inspired spring green color. With custom-embossed logos on the front and back and vintage-inspired packaging, these green jars maintain all the standards of quality and reliability of modern-day canning jars. Perfect for all home-canning needs, décor, crafting, or as collector's items. Available as regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts.
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  • Blue Mason jars


    Made only in 2013 and available while supplies last, celebrate American tradition with the new, limited-edition Ball® Heritage Collection pint jars. Marking the 100th anniversary of the first true “Perfect Mason” blue jar, these unique jars feature period-inspired blue color, custom-embossed logos on front and back, and vintage-inspired packaging while maintaining all standards of quality and reliability that modern-day canning requires. Perfect for all of your home-canning needs…or as a collector’s item!
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