Ball® Date Jar


It’s Wedding Season, and we have an easy and fun DIY project to make for a wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party - a Date Jar! Invite friends and family to write out fun date ideas for the Mr. and Mrs. on popsicle sticks and collect them in the jar that you’ve decorated! Date ideas may include going on a hike, taking cooking classes, or movie night! This is a fun gift that keeps giving, as couples can pull out ideas to keep their marriage lasting as long as our jars do! You can also use this idea to make a fun activity for a Baby Shower and allow guests to write advice for the parents-to-be! 


  • Blank Craft Popsicle Sticks 
  • Ball Smooth Wide Mouth Quart Jar 
  • Sharpie markers 
  • Letter Stickers 
  • Ball Half Pint Jar Jar (optional, for containing Sharpies) 
  • Sign with instructions for your guests 


You can make this project as simple or extravagant as you’d like. You will need to label your date jar with stickers, paint, Sharpies, etc. Once you have the decorated jar ready to go, place a half pint Ball jar filled with Sharpies next to the date jar and some blank popsicle sticks on the table in between the two jars. For some extra decoration, try tying a ribbon or some lace around the rim of the jars! Lastly, prop up a sign with instructions for guests and you’re set! We created our own and printed it, but a chalkboard or letter board will work great too! 

Instructions to place on sign:

Contribute to the couple’s date jar! Grab a blank popsicle and use a Sharpie to write a creative date idea for the couple. The Mr. & Mrs. will pull from their Date Jar all year long for activities and inspiration!