Canning 101

Jump into canning by learning the basics.

Canning Guides

Get step-by-step instructions for the most popular canning methods.

How to Make Jam & Jelly

Tips for making perfect jams and jellies, every time

Canning Terms Glossary

A comprehensive guide to canning terms you may come across

Pectin Calculator

Use this helpful tool to determine the correct amount of pectin to use for your jam or jelly recipe.

Video Tutorials and Instructions

Find tips, pointers, and answers to questions you may have about canning and preserving at home.

Choosing the Right Jars

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right jar for the job.

Adjusting for Altitude

Charts to help you adjust a recipe based on your altitude.

Evolution of the Canning Lid

See how lids evolved over the years in this timeline of Ball technologies.

Create Your Own Jar Labels

Personalize your jars for organization and gift-giving with unique label templates.