Easy Brined Vegetables


Preserving Method: Fermentation

  1. SCRUB and peel the root vegetables (leave peel on radishes and Hakurei turnips). Slice into very thin 1/16-inch rounds using a mandolin or a sharp knife, or finely grate in a food processor. Place in a large bowl. Halve and thinly slice red onion; slice garlic into thin sections, add to root vegetables. Add black peppercorns and whole herbs to bowl; toss well. 
  2. MIX salt into 2 quarts water. Place vegetables in a clean 1/2 gallon Ball jar. Pour salt water over them just to cover. Set an empty 8oz jar on top of vegetables to act as a weight, making sure brine rises up covering the vegetables by at least 1 inch. Place a clean cloth over mouth of 1/2 gallon jar. Place the jar on a plate and store in a cool (65-75*) clean place in your kitchen or pantry. 
  3. CHECK jars daily to ensure liquid maintains at least 1 inch coverage over vegetables. After 24 hrs there will be some fermenting activity beginning, visible by little bubbles on the top of the brine; any white film developing is kham yeast, a natural, safe yeast that can be wiped out of the jar. 
  4. FERMENT the vegetables for 3 to 7 days. Check for readiness by tasting a slice of vegetable, a sour-tart flavor develops the longer it's left to ferment. Once desired flavor is reached remove 8oz jar, wipe jar rim and cover with a lid. Store in refrigerator up to 1 month. 

TO SERVE: Scoop vegetables out of brine and serve as-is, toss in salads or add to stir-fries