Fruits and Vegetables laid out on a wooden table with canning supplies

Coaching for Canners

Video Tutorials

Becoming a member of the canning community is exciting and rewarding but it can also be a bit overwhelming. However, with a little help, you can find success in no time. Our video tutorials walk you through each step of the canning process, assist you in choosing the right methods and help you answer some of canning’s most frequently asked questions.

Canning with a Glass-Top Stove – is it safe?

Preserving High or Low Acid Foods – which method is right for my recipe?

Make Jam with the Ball® brand – how do I get started?

No matter what you want to preserve, remember the three P’s to keep your creations fresh and flavorful:

1.Pick - Select a tested fresh preserving recipe and prepare it according to the instructions.

2.Prep - Wash your jars and lids, and heat your water.

3.Preserve – Process your tested preserving recipe following the time and method indicated.